Friday, October 23, 2009

Washing hands in kitchen sink

The other day Kathryn had a post about habits. (BTW..Note the first ever link. Yes, Aunt Heather can learn! Thank you Janet, for being my teacher.)

I felt the comment I left, reveiling a habit of mine, needed more clarification.

Here is my comment to her post: (the portion I want to clarify)
"I also out of habit, only wash my hands in the kitchen sink."

Kathryn's reply: (Concerning this issue)
Heather: If you only wash hands in the kitchen sink, does that mean you have to walk from the bath each time you pee to do it??

Well, the answer to that question is YES! I shake my head in shame. the story goes..

Hubby and I lived in our old trailer, (that hubby refers to as "Shack #1", we are currently in "Shack #2) for 17yrs. It was very old and out in the boonies, the septic probably wasn't up to code and we always had issues with it. Pipes always breaking, cause the ground was sinking or moving (it was a very sandy area). Tree roots clogging the pipes and giving us a hard time nearly every year. So on and so on...

Well..about 7yrs ago, the pipe to the bathroom sink busted. Hubby being the handyman that only works on the house when it just can't be put off any longer, decided that the bathroom sink was not necessary. The kitchen sink will do just as well. I think he just got tired of fighting nature. It was a long ongoing battle between him and nature. Nature won!

So..for 7yrs I made the uncountable trips to the kitchen sink, to wash hands, brush teeth, ect..ect..

This is what formed the habit!

We have now been living in Shack #2 for a year and I have just recently become aware that this habit still exists, even though it is not necessary anymore.

We know have two fully functional bathrooms!

They (idk who THEY are) takes 3 months to form a habit, I wonder what THEY say about how long is it going to take to break this habit? CAN it be broken?


Spot said... [Reply to comment]

My husband does the same thing. Will walk right past the fully functioning bathroom sink complete with antibacterial handwash to use the kitchen sink and the antibacterial dish soap to was his hands. WTH? In your case it makes sense...but in his? Lol.


PS-if you figure out how to break the habit...please let me know!

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, who cares?? I mean....your hands get washed, right? What's the diff? I couldn't help but wonder, tho....seemed like their had to be a reason why you'd pass by the bath sink for the kitchen one. Makes perfect sense to me. I've been there re: man versus nature. Nature ALWAYS WINS.
Let it shud be the worst habit you ever have!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Spot..oh, good I'm not the only one.LOL

Kathryn..okay okay..It's gone.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Heather~ I tagged you for an award in my last post! You are now a "Kreativ Blogger"! Just read my post and then do your own. Congrats lady, you deserve it! =]


Janet said... [Reply to comment]

I'm really not sure how long it takes to break a habit. You have been blogging now for over a year and I still haven't learned to avoid drinking my coffee while reading your blog!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Spot..Thank you very much.

Janet...silly woman, some habits we just never learn to break even after we spit coffee on our computer screens. LOL