Monday, October 5, 2009


I just watched a BBC mini-series called "Aristocrats". It was in six parts, two per DVD. It followed the children and grand-children of a prominent family in England in the 1700's. The storyline of it gave you a different perspective to the Revolutionary War. While America was beginning to go up against England, other countries such as Ireland was also trying to begin a revolt. The Aristocrats of that time were having their lives turned upside down, much in the same way as the High class southerners of America having to give up their way of life in the Civil War.

I found this mini-series very interesting and very well done. I did a times find difficulty in keeping tract of all the grandchildren. I found myself hearing the child's name and then in my mind trying to remember who that child belonged too.
Unfortunately it is not suitable for children, that particular era was well know for its open sexuality. Affairs a plenty and the makers of this movie did not forget to put that in the movie.
Other than that it was an eye opening experience to look at the other side of that war.