Saturday, December 5, 2009

Soo you DO believe in Santa Clause!!

Phone convo with sister…

Me...What was the most memorable Christmas present?
Sister...One year, I wanted a cabbage patch doll. I was opening all my presents and was disappointed there wasn’t a cabbage patch doll!

There was a knock at the door and I answered the door and there wasn’t anyone there, but there was a present.

Dad‘s yelling who is it?
S...Nobody, just a present!
Dad...Well, who is it for?
S...Looks at the tag and yells… IT”S FOR ME!!
It was the cabbage patch doll she'd been wanting!

M...Who was missing from the room?
S...Nobody, everybody was there.
M...Who was out of breathe?
M...Oh! Soo you DO believe in Santa Clause!!! LOL!

Niece and sister convo…

Niece...This year I am going to find out for sure if there really is a Santa Clause!
S...How are you going to do that?
N...I’m going to check Santa’s handwriting on the tags, if it looks like yours or daddies then I will know there is no Santa.

I told my sister to take all the tags to work and have someone else do them!

Niece finds her letters to Santa in her mother’s room.

N...How did you get my letters to Santa?
S...Santa said we could have them for keepsakes.


Menopausal New Mom said... [Reply to comment]

That is so cute and what a clever idea to have the tags done by someone at work! Loved it!

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

When I was four and we lived in on the base in Okinawa, they had a special program where "santa" would come by your house and talk for a few minutes. Well the door bell rings on Christmas Eve and my parents send me to "see who it is". I open the door, take one look at Santa, and slam the door in his face. I started crying because Santa was there and I wasn't asleep so I thought he wouldn't leave me any presents.


Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, this path to preserving the magic in life is a slippery slope...
But I DO believe!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

You are serious Santa folks!

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, God! Your sister's got her work cut out for her this year! Niece is getting street-smart about this whole Santa-thing!

Now, she's gotta have someone else write the tags, and make sure she uses unfamiliar wrapping paper....yikes!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Menopausal...Thanks, them kids are so smart we sometimes have to think outside the box.

Spot...LMAO!! Aww, you poor thing, my heart goes out to your tears.

Maureen...The older and wiser they get the harder it is too keep them believing.

Grace...Yup! LOL!

Kathryn...LOL, My niece is getting too smart!

Kaylen said... [Reply to comment]

The lengths we go to in order to lie to our children! :)
We used to have a relative come by and leave the presents on the doorstep. He would ring sleigh bells by the windows as he ran to his car down the road. THe innocence and hope were so fun to watch with the little kids.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

Preserve magic, always...

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Kaylen...How cute and sneaky!

Pseudo...No matter what it takes!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

Man, kids are so stinkin' smart! I'm waiting with baited breath to start answering impossible questions. And I'm not smart enough for that. Dangit. =)

mch3n said... [Reply to comment]

Yes she is to smart for her own GOOD.
We told her that Santa uses the wrapping paper that the mommys & daddys has at their homes.
Iam tring to wright this with her in the same room she is so nosee.