Thursday, December 31, 2009


Technical Parent posted an idea of posting things that he finds, like things on the street or sidewalk. I thought this was interesting, but I was thinking more on the lines of things I find at the thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales. Or maybe even doing a post like Valdese Blogger's "Stuff around the house" like things I treasure or have created. What do you think?

I am sitting here working on that shawl I started awhile back. I think I went crazy on judging the size. At least it's not too small. I might get it finished before winter is over!

Sunday, on my way back from the grocery store. I noticed that everybody else's grass is brown, even in the nicer yards. I drive into the driveway and our grass is green. I point this out to hubby, he says it is the type of grass seed that we spread in the yard this summer. I guess we ran out of seed, cause the whole back corner is dead. It should feel great having a pretty yard, I've always wanted one, but it just doesn't feel right in the middle of winter. It already needs to be mowed.

I chopped my hair off! It was about half way between the shoulders and the bra strap, now it is about 3 inches all around. I really don't know why I let it get so long, maybe it is to do something drastic once in awhile. Put a shock to hubbies system. LOL! I wake up with it wrapped around my neck (choking me) and playing with the dogs can be a pain in the scalp, it just had to go.

I have gained 3 pounds over the last two holidays! I am officially going on a sweet strike, hubby is not going to be happy about it, but it must be done. I'm already a big girl, I don't need any help from the sweets. I told hubby..If you don't want to see it all go into the trash, you better hurry up and take it to work and hand it out.
The only baking that is going on in this house are my goose pimples!

I found a dresser for my room, it is perfect and in the sixties style that I like. Problem is it is at the flea market and the guy wants fifty smack-a-roos for it. I have gone by there twice, just to make sure it is still there. I'm hoping against my luck, that when I do get up the money it will still be there. Silly I know, but I can hope.

Happy Birthday Mom! How old are you? Just kidding! I would never tell on ya. LOL!

Happy New Year to you all!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year to you and yours...go get that dresser - now!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Grace...Thank you and back at ya... I don't have the fifty right now, I have 32.

only a movie said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year~ :-)

Menopausal New Mom said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! You cut your hair off. What I find so weird after a drastic cut is how strange it feels in the shower when shampooing. Takes me weeks to get used to it.

I'm with you on the sweets but hell, you only gained 3 pounds. Gee, I could lose that in two days!

And a Happy New Year to you and yours!