Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, to have a good back again.

I can remember back about 20 years ago I could do anything, lift anything, move anything. I was strong, still am too a point. I think I reached that point, again, for the umpteenth time. The beginning of last week was spent moving slowly, carefully or not at all, apparently I slept wrong and had to roll out of bed. I spent a good deal of time just sitting in my chair watching tv, cause moving wasn't an option. The pain was extreme at times but was tolerable for the most part. I even started to get better by Wednesday night and was beginning to feel decent. I could do my chores and even walk at a normal pace, heck I even went grocery shopping Friday.

Talking to the bf (B) Friday evening about crochet stitches and our new projects, we realized that it was about time to get together and show our work. It is really difficult to try to describe stitches and patterns over the phone. We are both "Show me" kinda gals. So we made plans for Sunday.

Hubby came home early Saturday and asked if I wanted to go over to see her right then. I would have said yes but I was still feeling the slight twinge and thought it best to wait one more day. Besides, come to find out her hubby was planning a BBQ for Sunday. Wouldn't want to miss that, since he is like the best BBQ'er I have ever known. Hubby is good, but even he will admit his bf's (M) is better. (Yes, his bf and my bf are married, it's a little confusing)

Sunday morning all was well and we finally got ready to go. I have to do a mental check list to make sure I don't forget anything, cause I almost always do. I always manage to remember something I forgot about halfway there. I was good this time and didn't forget anything, amazing, I know!

Nail clippers..yup
Yarn and project..yup
Family Reunion memory card..yup

(We will get to the nail clippers, I know yall are puzzled over them being on the list)

So we are on our way, I have just a tiny twinge but I'm tough I can handle it.

Let me just say the sky was gorgeous Sunday and with the promise of a cool front pushing though sometime today. There was a breeze and oh it was so lovely, even hubby said so and it takes temps down to the 60's for him to like it.

We are greeted by B's three little yappers(kin folk to my yappers). Thankfully her yappers love us like family and were very excited to see us. There was lots of spins, jumps, running, dancing and happy panting. B..well not so much! LOL! Even the "I'm gonna getcha" didn't bring as much as a reaction I got from her "Old Lady P" yapper, who ran through the house like I was hot on her tail. We love that game, okay she really loves that game.

We sat around and showed stitches, patterns, projects and clucked like old hens. M..started up the fire and oh the smell had my mouth watering, I was ready to sink my gums into whatever he had in the pit. It didn't matter what it was, I was ready for it. *Knife and fork in hand, banging on the table* kinda hungry!

While waiting I thought, now would be a good time to get my chore done. I got out those nail clippers. Why? You ask. Cause they are doggie nail clippers! LOL! Yeah I'm cracking myself up!

As soon as the dogs realized what I had in my hand, *flash* they were gooonnne!

G.. got up on the couch and faced the wall. That is his way of saying "I'm invisable". Sorry fella, not going to work this time, even if you are being funny. I clipped his nails right there on the couch. After bending over and wrestling every foot, I went to straighten myself upright. Ouch, that kinda hurt.

P.. I always have trouble with this old lady. We are the best of friends except for these moments, she will try to bite but hasn't gotten that lucky so far. Lord help her if she ever does! I found her back outside and as soon as I tried to bend down to get her, she bolted. I on the other hand did not bolt right back upright, it took some doing. I finally managed to get her back in the house, picked her up and put her on the table. Again did a wrestling match for each foot, while trying to keep her from making the great escape. By time I finished with her I was having some really bad pains in my back, but had to move on to the last and craftiest of them all.

A..I looked in her spot under the end table next to B's chair. Nope not there. I call her and why I though she would come running was stupid of me. I go outside and ask if she was out there. Yup, there she was hiding under B's chair. I reached down to get her and she flops over on her back. I take hold of her legs and literally dragged her out from under the chair on her back and she let me. Everybody was laughing! I picked her up and carried her inside to the table and proceeded to do her nails. This girl shakes like there is a thunderstorm directly over the house! Very hard to hold onto. I think it is her ploy, her sympathy card or something and it works everytime. Yes she nearly got away, with only two feet done! I had to catch her in mid-jump! I finally finished her up, but really all of them together finished me up!

I was stuck but good. I slowly made it to the front door and hubby saw instantly I was done in for. He helped me down the steps and asked if I was ready to go home. Unfortunately there wasn't the option to sit there in pain all day. I had to say.. Yes, my pain pills were at the house and I would have hated to sit there in pain and be a downer on the whole get together.

Soo we came home, hungry. I felt so badly for ruining his day. To my surprise and relief, he said..
"I'm not glad that you are hurting, but I am glad to be able to see the rest of the race!"

Yeah but what about supper? We were both pretty hungry and totally missed out on the BBQ. Well folks I will have you know that hubby cooked supper. Okay so what if it was:

Gordon's fish fillets
Pork and beans
Uncle Bens whole grain rice
with hot dog buns

I got fed by the hubs!!!

Soo, I sit here with an ice pack and a pillow, soon to be in bed. Wonder how I'm going to get out of bed...maybe Stitch will help me! LOL!



Spot said... [Reply to comment]

OH! I'm so sorry you are having back trouble! It's the worse. I wish I could send you my magic chiropractor. Seriously, he's that good. And inexpensive.

Lots of virtual hugs and wishes for you to get better.


Carol said... [Reply to comment]

That's some of the tarnish that comes with our "golden years" I think. All those muscles that aren't as forgiving as they used to be. Hope it gets better soon!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I can sympathize, believe me. Heather thank you for your encouragement. Heart doctor tomorrow.I already know it won't be good. Just hope they can help ne, breathe easier.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Poor baby! I know how back pain can be... been there and done that MANY times. I hope you can rest it, ice it and get it back in working order soon.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you feel better soon...back pain is horrible. Sorry you missed the BBQ, but to have hubs cook...YAY! And he got to see the end of the race...

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

sorry about the back problem. i remember having to roll off the bed as i hurt so bad. what is our bodies telling us? take care. rose