Monday, September 6, 2010


My tooth hole hasn't been healing right and was really hurting pretty bad for two weeks. I kept trying to keep it clean and finally figured out the part that I though was food stuck, turned out to be a really good size sliver of tooth. I yanked that sucker out with tweezers and finally most of the pain is gone and the hole is healing. Lucky for the dentist I found the problem on my own!! I was really getting tired of hurting and it was worrying me.

I'm finally getting some progress in my room. The goal was to get it cleaned out and all the boxes transfer to the storage unit. Yeah well...for some reason the progress and ump hasn't been going well. I wanted to get the new floor laid by time the kids come on the 17th. Hubby managed to hurt himself, so there went my major helper for the big stuff. Sooo, yeah, that ain't gonna happen. Sigh...

How hubby hurt himself?

The "I must get everything that sits in the road" syndrome that my hubby has, lead to him rescuing this fire hydrant that had been damaged by a car accident. YES, he got permission, but still...those things are heavy! Mr. Macho man just couldn't help himself and now is suffering back trouble.

We ended up busting into the little savings that we had for the vacation that got cancelled. I soo didn't want to do it, but funny enough things started breaking down all of a sudden. Hubby's work boots blew out on the side, my tennie's blew out the heel, a pipe under the side sprung a leak and my microwave made the fatal error of not heating up my coffee.

Soo, I guess it was a good thing that we had that extra money to deal with the unexpected. Just really sad to see the damage to the savings.

I got to go visit with bf and this what she made for my little namesake with the yarn I gave her.

A hat, poncho and some little booties! They are soo cute!



Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Boy, is that the truth when You say stuff happens that you have to do anything but what you wanted to do. Been there, still there and done that but no money put back. We will manage.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry all that happened at once. That baby layetter is adorable!

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Aw...what a cute little ensemble that is! I'm sure baby Heather will love it.

Sorry to hear about stuff breaking down. I guess that's why Suze Orman recommends that 7 months worth of green in an "emergency fund". It never seems to be enough, right? But I'm glad you have enough to keep things on track.

That fire hydrant is kinda cool...

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

Everything always happens at once. Hopefully you still have enough for that vacation, maybe on a slightly smaller budget.

purplume said... [Reply to comment]

Too bad about all that. Bless you all. I love the baby layette.