Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Reunion - Day One

Friday evening I was a ball of anxiety and excitement. I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done or prepared right. Thankfully hubby went through the check list and we confirmed everything was A. Okay. BUT of course I still had that nagging little voice in my head that I was forgetting something. I had to walk away and turn it down to a whisper just so I could try to get to sleep. I slept four hours and walked out to the living room to find hubby still up. I asked him what was the matter and his reply was “I’m too excited to sleep!”

For my hubby this day was a lifelong dream that was finally coming true. All of his kids and grandkids together at last. It’s a miracle he slept at all! I had to remind him that if he didn’t get SOME sleep then he wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. That got him to sleep! BUT I had to wake him at 5 am to get the brisket fire going. Then I went back to sleep.

Hubby woke me with “They’re on their way!!” Son called to let him know and get directions. Hubby told me the directions he gave and I briefly said “They’re going to get lost”

The rain had been threatening to pour down all morning, but I don’t think anything could have dampened our moods. It did drizzle and then sprinkle, each passing wave of moisture seemed to be harder than the one before.

We got everything ready and waited. Hubby was outside sitting on the patio and I was pacing all over the place. I looked down at hubby and asked are you still so excited and all I got was a shake of his head and a grin, but his eyes never wavered from the gate. It was like he was using all his will power to force a car, any car to come on in. I was getting worried, yeah I can’t help myself. I called to see how far they are. AH, they stopped at the store. I told her she didn’t have to bring anything but I sure am glad she didn’t listen to me.

The girls and their families arrived and yes we were all having a wonderful time seeing each other and learning about the grandkids and life at home, but you could tell we were all waiting anxiously for the main event. The son and family that none of us have met. Well that is, except for hubby. Hubby was there when son was a baby and toddler, but had only seen him once since and that was nearly 10 years ago. The girls and I have talked to them on the phone and corresponded through Facebook, but it’s just not the same as getting to hug someone and experiencing them in real life.

It had been another hour since I talked to them and they still hadn’t arrived. Yup I knew it…they were lost! Not badly though, they were here before the kids and I could get to the stop sign. I quickly ushered all the kids back, I couldn’t wait to get son and family in my arms!

The day was wonderful with lots of food, hugs, catching up and playing around. Hubby smiled from ear to ear all day long!! He was having a glorious day; rain had no affect on his moment!

The kids and I went for a short walk, but if you ask Bryan he will tell you it was a long walk! We played, climbed, walked and talked. We did some Baby Shower Bingo, lots of fun there! Then the computer got turned on and let the games begin! Lots of fun playing with the umbrellas in the rain. The umbrellas didn’t survive, but I’m glad nobody got hurt while playing with them. Yes, I was a little worried of that.

There were tiffs and there were tantrums and even an ant attack, but all in all it went really well for eight kids in my small trailer and yard. Funny how what I perceived to be a large trailer and yard doesn’t appear to be with nearly 20 people in and around it.

Granny and Aunt D arrived and I have to say watching the reunion from that perspective was very touching. Seeing granny play Free Cell with her great granddaughter was awesome. Four generations in one house, I honestly never thought it was going to happen. We are so grateful that the kids pulled this off, they are the ones that planned it.
AND from my understanding there is already one in the works for next year. Fingers crossed!!!! I’m going to start saving NOW!

The day started too wined down and granny had already left. The younger grandkids were starting to look kinda tired and so was I! I rushed everyone outside while the rain had given us a break and tried to get some family group shots. I did get some good spousal shots, but I do wish I had managed to get some individual family group shots. You should have seen how difficult it was to get a pic with all eight kids in it. That was a riot! Hubby wanted a whole clan pic, but that didn’t happen either. Maybe next year!

I was under the assumption that this was it, we weren’t going to get to see them again till next year, thankfully somebody told me that the plans had changed and we were all meeting up at granny’s house tomorrow. So letting everyone leave wasn't nearly as painful as I was prepared for it to be.

One last thing… A huge thanks to daughter K! That girl cleaned up my whole kitchen, even though I was continually protesting that it wasn’t necessary. Oh and for not listening to me about bringing anything, she made the most delicious cheesecake dessert I have ever had! Can’t wait to get the recipe!

Thanks to everybody for coming and making history happen! I loved every minute we got to spend together!



rockygrace said... [Reply to comment]

Glad everybody had a good time!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Your recounting of the reunion is wonderful, Heather! You can "hear" the excitement in your words that you write about all of it.

I am so THRILLED for you and your husband that this has all come together for you.


Meghann said... [Reply to comment]

We had a great time as well! Maybe next time I can help clean and cook when I do not have a busy toddler trying to eat things he shouldn't and stay out of ant piles...I hated not being able to help!

Looking forward to next year as well :) Sad we did not get a group shot, I had wanted that to happen as well :(

Thanks again for all you did to make the day great.

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so happy it went well.

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

I am so proud that everything went so well and that you will be getting together again so soon.

So glad to see family getting together like this.

Carol said... [Reply to comment]

Nothing better than time with family unles it's getting to know family you haven't seen for years or at all. I'm so glad it went well for you!

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

So happy for you all! Creating wonderful memories is a great part of life.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so glad you guys finally got to meet his son and that everyone had such a good time! That is way exciting!!


Rose said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for your comment on my blog. i love your photo blog, left you comments. listening to you as you talk through your blog reminded me when i met mother's family for the first time. alot of anxiety, no slep and i bet alot of tears. glad this visit went well. rose

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

That is so cool and I know it made your summer!

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

I'll have to try those Slick Tints myself. Foot Works is on sale starting 09/29.

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

back again thanks for your commet on my post re Berry College. it's a beautiful campus. rose

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

This is truly a story book ending. I am so happy for ya'll.