Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shocked, Mad and Baffled

How to make a mends with an evil dog...become the soul provider of food and water!

Yes another rant about my neighbors! They have thoroughly made me mad!

As you know from last post the neighbors received their eviction notice last Sunday. My office window faces their trailer and I have become the neighborhood watch person. The landlord asked me to keep an eye on the place, cause he had a confrontation with the woman and is fearing retaliation in the form of property damage. I'm also to report to him of when they show up to move out all their stuff.

Should be a super easy job, right? NOT! They left on the first, came back on the second, so I called. 10 minutes later I look out the window and their gone. Two hours later they are I call. This time I watch like a peeping Tom, they unload empty boxes and leave again. They don't come back for two days!

In those two days I have been feeding and watering their dogs. These stupid heartless people, left their two dogs out in the heat with no provisions. The evil dog Nikki can handle the outside, but the little red long haired, house pampered chihuahua, has been crying and scratching at the door to be let in, the whole two days!

The landlord put a notice on the gate that on the fifth he will be putting a lock on the gate and that they needed to be totally gone by then. I keep expecting them to show up and get the dogs and load up all their stuff. Oddly enough this hasn't happened. They did show up yesterday morning for 5 minutes but didn't do anything, not even feed the dogs. They again showed up and unloaded the little pull trailer by dumping its contents on the ground and taking the EMPTY trailer away.

It is midnight Sunday morning the day of locking the gate and they haven't even tried to move out their stuff. They aren't living there, just their dogs are.

My heart is in turmoil for these dogs. Yes Nikki and I don't get along, but gezz I ache at the heartlessness of what these people are doing to them. AND on top of all that the landlord says that if the dogs are still there when he locks the place up, he is going to call the pound, the killing pound!

I must say that there are still people out there that still manage to shock me. I mean leaving the dogs behind, that doesn't shock me as much as the fact that they aren't even trying to retrieve their stuff! They are a large family with many children and yet not one has grabbed a bag of clothes or filled a box, that is shocking to me.

Looks like they will be leaving everything behind, dogs too! A big giant mess for the landlord to deal with. Maybe I will get off this subject eventually, please excuse my rantings.

I'm just so shocked, mad and baffled by this behavior.



Jen said... [Reply to comment]

Probably huge piles of trash in there that they don't want to clean up. It amazes me how many people move and don't take their pets - just leave them behind. It has to be heart-breaking to see the chihuahua trying to get someone to let him in.

THE OLD GEEZER said... [Reply to comment]

Sad to say this is more common in the USA than people think. Ask any police officer. I hope someone saves the dogs. ~Ron

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

That is so unfair, I have never understood how people can move off and leave their animals behind like this, material things don't matter as much as living things, I pray someone steps in to save them.

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Wow. That's a terrible situation there, sweetie. Is there some Humane Society Agency that you can call?? Anything?? Again...who cares about their stuff? It's the dogs that need help!

purplume said... [Reply to comment]

Boy they must really be up against it. Bless you for helping those dogs.