Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Was an All Nighter

Hubby has been getting up late for the last few mornings. He says I need to move my bed back out to the living room so that when the alarm clock goes off. He is joking, sorta. Also I will be there to wake him up and spend time with him in the mornings, drinking coffee, like I used to.

I used to (before the computer came into the house) go to bed around 11pm and get up at 4am with him. Spend about an hour (or more) with him before he had to leave and then go back to bed for another 2 hours. Now I go to bed around 1 or 2 and get up after he is already gone. Basically I left him to fend for himself, bad wife!

Now he is trying to throw down these little hints, that I am slacking. Don't get me wrong, this is not a rant. I truly feel like crap that I have been disrupting his morning routine.

So last night I stayed up all night. I forced myself to stay up till 4:30am. I stayed up with him for a whole thirty minutes, before he says:
"Dear why don't you go back to bed"
Me..ummm.. cause I haven't been to bed yet.
Hubby..You stayed up all night!
Me..Yup, I didn't want you to be late again.

Believe me, he was impressed. I felt validated that it was worth it and promptly went to bed!

Now, I am hoping to manage to get back on track, as to giving hubby his time with me in the mornings. This is going to take some time to reset my clock. So, if I fail to get around to your posts or even do my own post, please bear with me. I will be sleep deprived!

I am heading out to get another alarm clock, right now!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you get back on track soon. I can usually catch back up from an all-nighter if I get a full 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Good luck.

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Aw, Heather! You have to get your sleep! I don't know how you ever got up with him at 4. Maybe you could make a deal with him and do it once a week??
Don't worry about us; take your time!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

Man, the all-nighters just ain't what they used to be, eh? Here's hoping you get some much needed shut-eye! P.S..You're a MUCH more dedicated wifey than I! =)

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, sweetie! I feel your pain! And even if I didn't, your photo choices were EXCELLENT!

You've proved you are an extraordinary, go back to sleep!

Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

I hear ya on the sleep deprived! See it's almost midnight and I've been tired all day. But the light beacons and glows, come to me I will grant you three wishes...Zzzzzz.....Oh hey! Was I dreaming? I better hit the hay.

Thinking of you and hoping you get on schedule. :-)

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

AAWW, that computer does mess things up sometimes but you made it up to hubby and that is good. I just looked out the window at 8:00 Am and it has frozen over and white out fog. Glad I went yesterday.

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you can catch up on your sleep. Good luck with the 4am thing. :)

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Suzicate...Thanks, I have forgotten what uninteruppted sleep is.

Maureen...I don't know how either, I just did. He was throwing hints and now he feels sorry for me and told me I didn't have to. I know I don't HAVE to, but I'm going to try anyways.

Mindy...Ain't that the truth! Not deticated or I wouldn't have slacked off.

Kathryn...Thanks! Extraordinary, naw just lazy!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Angelia...LOL! Thanks!

Lucy...Hoping to keep it that way. Did you get his slippers?