Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cottage cheese and Lovely Art.

Excuse me while I sit here and eat cottage cheese from the container (it's all mine, hubby hates the stuff) and think on what brilliant post I am going to come up with.

I feel so brain dead today.
I read some of yalls posts, it seemed like it took FOREVER.
Four hours later and still not done, I took a nap.
Did laundry and dusted.
I briefly thought about mowing the yard, naw I don't have the energy, besides it is still a little muddy.
Watched Color Splash, Spice up my Kitchen and Holmes on homes.
Talked politics with brother and mother (an hour each).
Cooked supper.
Watched NCIS.
Went to Facebook and farted around (searched and friend requested cousins)for about an hour.
Played with the dogs and cleaned up the kitchen.
I literally did nothing today.

Now here I am with nothing on my mind. It is actually kind of refreshing. Not just peace in the house but of mind too. Lovely!

Why ruin a good thing!

Here is some lovely art for yall to look at..


SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

We all need days like that...nothing like a refreshed mind and soul!

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Sweet photo! There's nothing worse than feeling pressured to produce something to amuse others! We're all grown-ups...we should be able to amuse ourselves!

I'm glad you've had a relaxing deserve it!

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

You did do did laundry and dusted. And cooked supper. That totally counts in my book. Why should everyday be jam-packed with business? I love the quieter days...lucky girl.

And okay, really? You still have to mow your lawn in January?? That's just crazy talk. Up here you'd have to plow through the snow to find the grass. Lol.


Joanie M said... [Reply to comment]

I have to add cinnamon, vanilla and splenda to cottage cheese to eat it.

I LOVE lazy days! Hey! I'm having one right now!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Suzicate...I take them whenever I can get them.

Kathryn...I guess that means I'm a grown up, cause I amuse myself all the time. I love that pic!

Spot...I don't know. Those things are just everyday thing. I sometimes feel like I should have done more, but was to lazy.
The grass, I was serious. Tune in tomorrow, you'll see.

Joanie...Interesting way to eat cottage cheese. The cinnamon sounds good.
I think I might take a few more of those lazy days, real soon.

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Heather, vegetate while young. I try to keep my brain cells working at my age. I had the unfortunate experience of having a sister that had alzheimers and it set in at the age of 60 and she lived till 80. Motivates me, but ya gotta let down some times, so have at it!!! Thank you again for the award.

Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

What a great picture and a great day. I love those nothing days!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

That is a happy little pic..

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy...I do hope to keep my brain as strong as I can. Sorry about your sister.

Angelia...Thanks and me too.

Grace...That painting just never gets old to me.