Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy, Happy Day!

The goodness of all of y'alls wishes for a better and happier New Year, have already begun!

I walked to the mailbox today and got the new tax book. A wave of fear washed over me as I walked back to the house. I was going to take a nap, but wanted to check the mail first. Now I wished I hadn't. I sucked it up and with shaking fingers opened it. I got out all the necessary paperwork and calculator and proceeded to figure out our doom. Hoping it wouldn't be worse than I thought.

Without having that last pay check stub for the year-to-date info, I had to do some guessing. With my vague guessing skills, my calculator said the government owed us just under $200. I couldn't believe it! I had to redo it, but this time I remembered the website for his paychecks. I got the real year-to-date and redid it. This time my calculator says we will be getting a return of $222!

I must tell you my dogs thought I was crazy, cause I was up out of my chair doing me a jig! It turned out to be painful, but well worth it! My excitement was contagious, we started playing and chasing and of course there was singing. I don't know what their song was, but mine was "Weeee don't. owe. the. gov. er. ment.".

After I started to calm a tad, I started calling everyone on my speed dial. I hardly ever get to call hubby with good news, usually our calls consist of "What time you think your going to get home?" or he calls me and says "I just left the yard, be home in 45 minutes". Super good news calls are rare, so I couldn't wait to spread the happy.

He answers the phone in a worn out voice.
I yell in my most excited high pitch voice "I have great news!"
His voice perks right up "oh, yeah what?"
Of course I tried to just say it, but came out in sing-song to the tune of "Nana nana boo boo", "weee don't owe the gov. er. ment."

He comes back with...Any dollars back is better than owing!
Buzz kill!
That's it? That's all you can say? Where are the YIPPIES or the YAHOOS?
Whatever! I'm too excited to be brought down!

This year is definately off to a great start!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

So happy for you. I started to get my stuff together this weekend to get started, but the thought was too depressing. Taz time is always a downer here...and yeah, I usually wait to the last day to mail them their money. Now, If I was getting some back, I might do them earlier! I hope you dance jigs and sing all week!

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

One of the great parts of having children is the tax break. Lol. Not really but thank goodness we never have to pay. That would suck.


Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

Yay! Yay! Yay! Doing the happy dance with you!

Smart Mouth Broad said... [Reply to comment]

Oh boy are you on top of things. I can't imagine when I'm going to sit down to figure ours.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Suzicate...That is why I was in such a panic, we have never made enough to ever owe the goverment. If we had owed, we would have had to get a loan!

Spot...unfortunately, we don't have any children to claim. My dogs need to get a SS#! LOL!


SMB...Our taxes are easy, gross - deductible = taxible income, what we paid in - what we should have paid in = refund.

Joanie M said... [Reply to comment]

Terrific news!!!!

Menopausal New Mom said... [Reply to comment]

Fantastic! I usually can count on owing about $300! I'm stilling yahooing for you though!!!

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Yay! We've had to pay in the last few years, but I'm hoping with the new tax deduction - I mean baby - we'll be getting a little back or come out even.

Sprite's Keeper said... [Reply to comment]

That IS awesome!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Joanie...Yup, totally excited and relieved.



Sprite's Keeper...I know! I still can't stop smiling!

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, yay! Don't let hubby's mediocre reaction get you down, do your Snoopy dance and be HAPPY!

You are absolutely right.....NOT owing is something to CELEBRATE!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

Whoa doggie!!! Super congrats! Here's hoping we'll be in the same boat as you! (Please, oh, please, oh, please.)

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Kathryn...Oh, I didn't! Love the reference to the Snoopy dance! I didn't even think of that. Yup, that's about what it looked like!

Mindy...Thanks! I'll be having my fingers crossed for ya!