Monday, January 18, 2010

Cutting costs

I have been trying to rack my brain to figure out where I can squeeze extra money. What can I downsize or just quit buying?

I don't go anywhere all week, until the weekend. Then it is maybe the dollar stores and grocery shopping, that's it. We don't go out to eat, I don't go to starbucks and spend a small fortune.

I decide to try to see what the internet has to say about saving money:
Yahoo Finance Top 6 Mindless Money Wasters.

Convenience stores..already quit going to those.

Cell Phones..Already getting the least amount of minutes, on my prepaid phone. Plus I hardly use it, I don't text nor do I have a fancy phone.

Soft drinks..We stopped doing those years ago, along with any kind of alcoholic drinks.

Unnecessary Bank Fees..Our bank only gets maybe $5 a month. Debit costs .25 and credit is free. I average about .50 to .75 a week in charges. I really don't think that can be downsized.

Magazines..I already stopped all magazine subscriptions and don't buy any at the stores.

Annual Credit Card Fees..Never heard of this one, so I guess that means we don't pay any.

25 Ways to Cut Costs on Just About Everything:
Just incase you don't want to check this one out, I will try to expain what they are talking about.

Sweat For Less..I have never joined a gym, to me that would be like paying someone to tell me I'm fat! Not in this lifetime!

Tee Off..We don't golf! Although hubby did take me to the put-put golf place, it was fun!

Blow Cold..this one was neat, buy a special kind of blower and put it in your attic and your electric bill will go down. This could possibly work, but I'm trying to save money now. I don't have money to spend, to save money later and I don't have an attic!.

Fly Right.. A working vacation! LOL! I don't go anywhere! I guess this would be good for those with no responsabilities and have the luxuary of nothing to do.

Dress Amish..This would require buying amish style clothes! The last things I bought was bib alls for hubby and a housecoat for me, before that was 3 smocks(on the clearence rack) from the dollar general last summer.

Slow Down..The slower you drive, the less fuel you use. This one we already started doing a few years ago when gas prices went crazy.

Follow The Sun..Install solar panels! If I had $2500, I wouldn't be trying to find some money!

Wear It Well..Find ways to get designer clothing at cheaper prices. I haven't ever worn a designer anything.

Sail Away..But work on the cruise line, I wish I could!

Cut A or rent videos about how to do things yourself. I haven't had my hair cut by a professional in almost two years and we already do things without turning for outside assistance!

Become A Writer..Make lists and stick to them. Okay to be honest, I do make a grocery list. I always seem to manage to get at least one extra item, usually something that I forgot to put on the list.

Pack It In..Sell your baggage space. Again, I don't go anywhere. I'm beginning to think I am the only person that doesn't travel.

Bank Better..Change your rates. I don't have a mortgage and my credit cards are doing okay, so far.

Take A Seat..Work as a volunteer at the concert halls or theaters. This isn't going to help me save money, but it is an interesting idea.

Bundle Up..Combine insurances to one policy. Now, we have thought about this one, but it would require getting house insurance. So, really we would be spending extra.

It's really starting to sound like we are hillbillies! LOL!

Get Well..Get you meds for less. This one sounds really great! Only thing is..we aren't on any meds.

Add Some Spice..Not what your thinking!! This idea would be great if I did a lot of cooking. If I was to buy my spices in bulk, I would have them forever.

Ditch The Fir..I have my 4foot fake tree, thank you very much!

Beat The Crowds..Buy after Christmas. I've been doing this one for many many years already!

Score Points..Do your shopping on major sports events. Never heard of this one! I don't think their talking about store chains!

Call Late..Another advice on traveling. Seriously!

Move In..Buy a new house! I just did and it costed $3500 and I'm still paying on it!

Check It Out..I admit, if I wasn't so leary of going through another company for my checks, I would do this one.

See Double..Share your magazine subscriptions. This would cost me more, I would have to drive to my friends house or mail them. Besides, I cancelled all magazines!

Trim The Fat..Look over your reciepts for the year and see where you are throwing your money away. In the beginning of last year, I did spend some bucks on getting this house decorated. I probably could have cut back on all that, but most of what I bought was at the thrift stores and flea markets. It's not like I go out and buy everything brand spanking new. So, I might be able to save some money here, since most of the decorating is done.

I did go to more pages, but It just seems like they are for people a little to a lot more well off than us. I did find this Here to Some really great ideas and helpful links.

I'm wondering if you, my fellow bloggers have some suggestions or ideas, that you use to cut costs.


Ocean Girl said... [Reply to comment]

I guess downsize everything. Cut everything in half.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

A lot of good tips there. I don't do much traveling either.

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

You sound like me! Dave Ramsey put us on track, but then again, we had credit cards and car payments. What about making your own cleaners, or buying the green products? They're cheaper than those chemically ones. (I posted on my blog about that a while back.) We also started hanging our clothes outside to dry (during the summer anyway) and wash clothes in cold water to save on electricity. That's about all I've got.

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

We are retired and on a fixed income and we have done the same as you plus our life insurance, car ins. house ins. We just squeak by. Our only extravagance some would consider him that, is our beagle dog, but he is also an enjoyment, entertainment and he gets the necessary shots and food and I would not give him up for any thing.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

I know I would save money if we got rid of our cell phones - other than that - we live so frugally already. I think I need a second job.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Divorce my husband??? LOL

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

I actually could use some of these ideas....good post.

Joanie M said... [Reply to comment]

You have a house phone AND a cell phone? Lose the house phone.

Lower your heat to 65 degrees, drop it to 60 when you're at work. Nothing wrong with wearing sweatshirts in the house or using a throw blanket over your lap when you're watching TV.

Speaking of TV, do you have cable? Cut out all the premium channels. (I have to call the cable company.... my "deal" ended and I'm paying too much right now, and I can't get on demand to work)

Make a grocery list and stick to it when you go to the store. (I have to do this too.... I do too much impulse shopping)

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Sighs....I dunno. These days (frigid outside), I keep the heat down low and we bundle up. If da boys say they're cold, usually it's 'cause they're wearing a t-shirt.


I actually dress in layers IN THE HOUSE. I keep curtains closed & doors conserves heat.
I'm in the process of gathering all my old gold jewelery to sell.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Ocean Girl...Cut everything in half..this reminds me, we already cut the paper towels in half. I just think they are too big and a waste.

Suzicate...Anything I can do to help my friends. Thanks.

Tinkerschnitzel...I did take your advice and started getting green cleaning products. Huge help!
I hung my clothes out all my life, I think I'll wait a while before I go back to it.
Cold water is all my washer is hooked up to.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy...Your dog is not an extravagance! He is a family member!

Pseudo...I could do without my cell, but if I'm on the cumputer, no one can get ahold of me. It's getting to the point, where I think I need a job.

Grace...LOL!!!! I would think that would cost more!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Maureen...Glad to give help, when I can. Thanks.

Joanie...If I lose the house phone, then I wouldn't be able to use my computer and then I would miss all of yall.
We don't have cantral heat, just a floor heater and the stove. I freeze my toosh off all winter.
We only have basic cable, no movie channels.

Kathryn...If I had any gold, I would have sold it already! LOL!

arlee bird said... [Reply to comment]

My wife and I have to cut our addiction to eating out. Over this long weekend we've spent well over $100 eating in restaurants. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Arlee bird...$100 bucks for one weekend!! That's how much I spent on groceries for the next 3 weeks!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

The only thing I've begun doing which seems to help a little is haunt our local discount grocery stores. You know the type...they sell oil filters right next to the hand lotion? I have gotten some really good deals but you have to look closely at expiration dates and such. My problem? I've saved quite a bit...only to turn around and spend it because I've got all this extra money. Think I'm missing something here... =)

Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

I think you have a done a good job trimming. I am feeling pretty lush right now. My stupid cell phone bill is probably the same price as someone's RENT. Crazy!