Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation Tanked.

I am so disappointed and upset.

Our plans for a real vacation have been shot down by..well all sorts of things. We had planned to go visiting family and friends in a huge triangle of Texas. Grand kids we have never seen and friends that we haven't seen in years and now my bff that I just now got back in touch with after nearly 17 years. The plans and financials had been made back in February. I have been soo good at holding on to a portion of our income tax return, just for this occasion. Even when at times that money could have been used for so many other things, this event was way more important to me. The use of my truck was the key to all of this happening and for some unconscious reason, I refused to make the obvious connection to the loss of my vacation.

My truck has been broke down since April!

Well, it does run sort of. I can take it to the store or the post office, but I have to let it sit and cool off to get it to start again. It chunks black smoke out the tailpipe and has a mind of its own when it comes to speed and brakes. I can't even get it fixed enough to pass inspection in two weeks.

It is the only truck big enough for us to take the dogs with us. If we take his truck we will have to find a dog sitter (I don't know anyone who would do it) or put them in a kennel (which we would never do even if I knew where one was). Bf's live too far away this time for them to come over and check on the cats.

The last time we went out of the area was four years ago. I was just wanting this so badly, I was ignoring the obvious complications in the plan.

How do people just get up and go when ever they feel like it?
How do they deal with pets?

Thankfully the kids are planning to come down next month, but that is only two of the six visits we had on the schedule. I hate when my head clears and problems are finally seen. Where the heck are my rose colored glasses when I need them?

Sigh...very disappointed.



SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry your plans aren't working out. Having pets does complicate things. We either have to board the dog which is expensive or have a pet sitter, which is almost as expensive. I hope someone will offer to come house and pet sit for you for free.

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

OH, I'm so sorry your plans are getting screwed up. We have friends that take our dog and then we reciprocate for them. Their son comes daily to feed the cats. I know, pets are hard. No friends you could pay to come stay at the house and then you both rent a small car??

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

sorry about your truch and trip. we have 5 dogs, no boarding. i have had a friend stay at the house, but she no longer is available. my husband expects some to stay in the house vs. trips to the house. it's frustrating as we do seperate trips. still trying to find an answer. sorry. rose

Dreamfarm Girl said... [Reply to comment]

Real bummer! We took our dog with us on this last trip....the trip before that we had a trusted friend stay at the house. It definitely complicates things. we don't want to put our doggie in a kennel because it's sooo expensive and also he gets so nervous he gets lick spots. I hope your visits with your kids makes up for the missed trip, at least a little!

Pseudo said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, I am so sorry. Hope you are in for a nice surprise or two and an adventure in your future.

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

That sucks Heather! :-(

We have the same problem with leaving our pets. Usually if we are gone just for the weekend, we leave them at home and have a friend come let them out to potty and feed them. It works well but I hate thinking they are lonely and worried we won't come back.
Our honeymoon week our daughter is watching them (and Jason's Mom).

I hope it works out soon!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so sorry your plans got waylaid. We have our neighbors watch our animals for us and leave enough food outside the door to last for a couple of days in case one of the cats gets stuck outside. I hope you can work things out.