Saturday, August 14, 2010

Walk With Me Through Lytle, Texas

When I come into town and turn on Main St. this memorial is the first thing I see.

Then the lovely gazebo and park bench area.

Directly across the street is this really neat looking building that is currently a parts and old farm equipment store.

A look up the street. I will be turning left at the second large mass of trees.

I have turned left off of Main St and I am headed to the railroad tracks. See those pillars there at the side of the street, those can be found through out the town. I don't know why, YET.

The railroad was at one time the center hub of the town. As you will notice all the older buildings face or at one time faced the tracks.

The building to the right used to be the Seed or Feed Dock (I couldn't tell exactly what it said).

This red building has me so intrigued as to what it used to be. As you can see it is nothing now, but still looks great!

This is a little strip of business which houses the newspaper I didn't know we had.

A little Barbacoa joint. I just think the building looks really neat. (if you don't know what barbacoa is...well, lets just say...I don't like it)

Across the street is a fabulous building that reminds me of an old bank OR some rich persons house. It is now the office of a Chiropractor, who I would love to go see! That is it below on the right.

The arches in those windows are stained glass. Very lovely.

This old building (I was told) used to be the jail. It was closed when I went by, the inside is just as appealing and I was hoping to get pics. Maybe next time me and hubby go there, it is his favorite store in the whole town.

These set of buildings seem to be the oldest and a great example of what I was saying about them facing the railroad tracks, they are currently used as the backs of the business's. As you can tell they are not kept up as well as a store front would be.

This has to be my favorite old building in the whole town. The bricks have so much character. To me, it looks like an old carriage house or stables.

Well, that was a short walk through the backside of Main St. and Adam's St. that flank the railroad tracks.

There is still more to come like the mill and the old church, just for starters.
I hope yall enjoyed the tour.



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Our little downtown area is similar to that. The stip of buinesses looks like maybe it used to be a motel at one time. Very cool.

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I am glad I was able to get in finally. Great photos. I tried typing the url you gave me and it said no such blog. But I clicked on this on my dashboard and got you. Thanks for all the encouragement. They really got wild this time.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

cool town, thanks for sharing.

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

looks like a very interesting town with alot of buildings with character. thanks for the pic. thanks for your comment on my blog post re our cats. have a good Sunday. Rose