Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip to see Little Heather

Monday Mom, Dad, brother I and SIL D, and I all went to Austin to see my namesake.
Brother I offered up his car for the journey. I am very grateful, but I have to say..MAN it was hot!! The car had no A/C and the temps were over 100. The windows were all down and the sun roof open. The wind of 70mph was whipping my hair all over the place and my face was numb on one side. Can I just say, three old folks in a car with no A/C makes for a very cranky ride.

Mom bless her heart had been behind the wheel since 8am and melting the whole way. She melts without being in the direct sun, you can just imagine the pile of sweat she was by time she came to get me at noon. She continued to drive all day and didn't get back home till after 10pm. For an old lady, she surprised me. Just kidding mom! (she hates to be refered to as an old lady) LOL!

Dad, oh boy what to say about dad...LOL! That man was surely in a mood. At first it was light hearted and joking around. He really loves to tease me on just about EVERYTHING! Well the hotter it got the worse he started to feel and the crankier he got. Snippy actually! Then when we got to the hospital, dad was already sucking oxygen and with the stuff he was cutting I was going to be needing some fresh oxygen also! Shoo-wee! Just steps away from the car in the parking garage, I was having to stand behind him and push the man forward. Dangerous! Halfway to the front entrance of the hospital, I had to leave him and hunt down a wheelchair.

We visited and she was soo sweet and never made a fuss even though we were all loud and cutting up. Matter of a fact she slept through the whole visit, till right at the end when she was unbundled for a change. Then we finally got to see her eyes. I know yall are like.. where are the pics? Well I don't have permission to post them. Bummer, I know!

Then there was the lovely ride home to look forward to. Yikes!

But first, remember dear old dad...well I was the designated pusher of wheelchair man, all 260 lbs of him. Some where along the way of pushing, I wrenched my knee. I can only think of two times that it could have happened. Once when I was backing him out of the elevator or when I had to give it all I got to get him up a hill! Either one could have been it, cause those are the only times I remember feeling something funny.

The ride back was worse than the ride up. We got stuck in traffic and the breeze was dead. The exhaust from all the other cars was nearly unbearable. The floor board was soo hot that I could feel it even through my sneakers. Eventually I laid down across the back seat to get the sun off my face. Eventually some where along the way, I fell asleep. I woke up when we got to brother's house to drop off dad.

Mom drove me home and it was 9pm, hubby was sound asleep with the phone next to him. The next evening he said he was expecting a call from me saying.. we had broke down and please come help. I was soo tired from all the heat, I was in bed by 11pm after talking to mom on the phone to keep her awake for her finally leg.

I slept ......

9 hours!!!!

Not continously but with very short times inbetween, like maybe 20 minutes at the most. When I finally did wake up for the last time, is when I noticed my feet were tender, my lower back was hurting and my knee was killing me!

BUT, it was soo worth it to see little Heather, sweet angel!



Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

Wasn't it wonderful to see those little eyes looking up at you, made the whole trip worth it right there I bet.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you made it through the almost unbearable heat and got to see your namesake.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you got to go see your sweet little angel! I hope your knee is feeling better!

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, congratulations! I'm so happy for you...a little namesake! One of the highest compliments!