Monday, August 30, 2010

Cassie's Journey Continues

I thought yall might like to read a little of the next piece of Cassie's story. The first piece was here and second piece here.
To be warned...This post is not suitable for children.

After being pointed in the right direction, she was once again walking along side the road. A little red sports car pulls up beside her and the man asks if she needed a ride. The tears had stained her face and her eyes were puffy and red. She left in such a hurry she didn’t even know how bad she looked. She leaned down and briefly eyed him and said NO and proceeded to keep walking. The man took one look at her and parked his car their on the road and got out. She wasn’t sure yet if he was hostile or not. She had just learned a lesson of “You can never tell”. She started to back up and retreat, but something in his voice made her stop and give him a chance.

He put her in the car with the gentlest of hands and took her to his place. He put down some blankets on the floor, showed her where the bathroom was and he went to his room. She sat on the floor and stayed as quiet as she could; waiting to be sure he wasn’t coming back out. After being pretty sure he wasn’t, she locked herself in the bathroom. She had never wanted a bath so much in her life! She lay on the blankets on the floor all fresh and clean, she fell asleep instantly.

The next morning she woke to the smell of eggs and coffee. The previous night he looked to be around his late twenties, but this morning in the light she could tell he was more like her dad’s age. She sat there and ate her breakfast and they talked. Before she knew it, she was spilling her guts to him about everything. It felt so good to finally have someone to listen and actually understand. He never once yelled at her or made her feel bad for what she did or for what had happened last night. She cried on his shoulder most of the morning and he was very fatherly to her. Unfortunately he had to go to work and said he would drop her off on the interstate. She didn’t want to leave, but she understood that he had gone out of his way by picking her up. She was grateful. He did however wag his finger at her for not bringing warmer clothes and gave her one of his sweaters. He said “Here is my address, when you get to your aunts, you can mail it back”.

They said their goodbyes on the side of the road and he drove away. Cassie had now been gone from home a whole day. She stood there wondering if her family missed her yet, if they were even looking for her and if her mother was sorry yet. Knowing her mother, Cassie was sure her mother was still mad.

Cassie hadn’t even started to walk yet and a van pulled up. He looked nice enough and was sweet with his words, so she climbed in. He convinced her to go to a bar with him; she had been drinking for a year already and relished in the idea of a drink. She got her first beer in a bar and was feeling very grown up. So far this man seems to be enjoying himself and was very funny. He told all kinds of jokes and had everyone laughing, more drinks were passed around and she was feeling very carefree. They had been there for hours and she lost count of how many beers she had had.

He grabbed her hand and led her outside, she knew from the grip of his hand that he wasn’t going to let her go. She struggled to get loose; fear was at its peak! She had drunk so much she was stumbling, her words were slurred and she could feel her throat closing up from the fear. He was pushing her into the van and she tried to scream, but nothing came out of her throat except for a little squeak. She tried to kick him, scratch him and even bite him; nothing worked. He was too strong and she was too drunk.

Cassie laid there not able to control her crying, she straightened her clothes as he rummaged through her bag. He found the little piece of paper with the address on it and started driving. She hugged the stuffed dog with floppy ears that she had brought with her and passed out. She woke to being yanked out of the van and thrown to the sidewalk. The sudden movement made her stomach release its torment all over the loaned sweater. She crawled and stumbled to the man’s porch and passed out again.

Her eyes opened to his angry voice, she cried that she was sorry for barfing on his shirt. It was already very late at night; she wondered how long she had been out there on his porch. He grabbed her by the arm, lifted her to her feet and took her inside, he wasn’t gentle this time. He was grumbling and pushed her towards the bathroom. She just thought for sure it was going to happen to her again, every man so far that grabbed her, took her. Instead he took off the sweater and threw her in the shower with her clothes on. He yelled at her to not come out till she was clean and had sobered up! She managed to take off her clothes and put them on the floor. She stayed in the shower for what seemed like forever, she was afraid to face him, but she had to get out of the shower eventually.

When she opened the curtain, her clothes were gone and instead a towel had been placed on the toilet seat. She thought to herself...I can’t go out there with just a towel! Suddenly she heard him yell through the door in a voice very scarily similar the voice her father would have used. “Get that towel on and get out here!” She did as she was told and as soon as she opened the door he wrapped her in a blanket and made her sit at the table and tell him what happened. She bawled it all out to him, very incoherently. Some how he got the jist of it and cradled her in his arms for a long time.

That night after he had gone to bed, she laid there and couldn’t get to sleep. The last two days were enough to keep her awake for many more nights, so she thought. She went to his room and crawled on the bed, she stayed on top of the covers. She laid there looking at him and eventually feel asleep.

(This is my story of when I was 15 and what all happened at that time. Cassie is the name I started using as an alias, so no one would be able to know who I was and send me back to my parents. This story doesn't end till I am back with my parents.)



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I am so sorry for all you went through. He at least seems like a very nice man. You really need to write a book!

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

So sorry for your ordeal, but happy to know the story eventually ends well.

Erin said... [Reply to comment]

How horrible! I can't wait to hear the happy ending!