Saturday, May 10, 2014

Before Plexus...

I am challenging myself to 30 days of Plexus!!!

I have ordered the Plexus Pink Drink and waiting for it to come in the mail. I wanted to do a before testimony, a statement of who and what I am and what I want Plexus to do for me.

I have struggled with my weight all my life but only a few times. In general I don't really pay much attention to my weight, it is what it is and I am destined to be a big girl as I have all my life. Weight loss has always been a source of ridicule for me, yes I am ashamed to admit it but I am that person that shakes their head at those spending bucks for some weight loss program that they just quit or gain the weight back. Yo-yo dieting has never been my thing but then again when I think about it, it kinda is. Let me explain.

My brother did a chart of his weight gains and losses over his life and I thought that would be a good place to clarify things.

Now from this chart you would think that I know how to lose weight. I will be honest those 2 big dips in my weight are from bad choices in my life that I am nowhere near proud of. They mark the times that my diagnoses of "Manic Depressive" show themselves prominently. If your wondering what Manic Depressive means, it just means I lost my mind and for me it was through the help of alcohol and drugs. So as you can see I am not a dieter or a person to care about my weight or health.

Among all the changes I have done over the last decade... going clean (12 yrs) and sober (8 yrs) and now smoke-free (2 months), this is something I want and need to change as well!

So lets talk about my health. Pretty much I have been healthy, other than female issues and dental issues. I don't see a doctor nor am I on any meds, the last time I saw a general doctor was in 2000. I don't drink the proper amounts of water (unless coffee counts) and I'm not on any vitamins. I have been suffering with major acid reflux and heartburn for many years, I do take Prilosec (when I remember) and eat Tums (or the generic brands) like candy. For the last 8-9 months I have been suffering with swollen and painful feet and lately numbness in my toes and fingers. These are concerning me but not enough to pay a doctor to tell me I need to lose weight, I already know that!

Reasons I am trying Plexus: I have heard good news of folks having great success and not just in weight loss but in health benefits, feeling better and having more energy. Well I don't really need more energy, I don't have any young kiddos running around but I sure could use the "feeling better" part!

I want to do something different than your normal before pics. Normally folks post themselves in what they wear everyday and then when you get your after pic those clothes are baggy. I never understood this concept, it doesn't really give you a good view of the difference. I want to give you the ugly truth... these are the clothes I used to wear about 20 lbs ago, I want my after pic to be me in these clothes fitting properly.

(please excuse the mess, we just moved 2 weeks ago and the place is still a crazy mess)

Let the challenge begin, I'm ready!