Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 1 of Plexus challenge

Soo it is day 5 of my Plexus challenge and I thought I would measure and see if there was any difference...ugh! Me and my tape measure and Miss. Twiggy are fighting! The only place I know FOR SURE (it is really hard to measure with a cat chasing the tape) that I lost is my arms. 1/2 inch off both forearms and both biceps = 2 inches! OMGoodness!!!

This is Day 6 of my Plexus challenge and I finally got to measure without the assistance of Miss. Twiggy (sound asleep..hehe) and the reduction in inches are adding up! I must say I am stunned at the results. Although my weight loss has only been 4 lbs, my body has lost a total of 12 inches!!

 Week 1 on my 30 days of Plexus challenge.... weigh in at 230 = down 6 lbs. 15 inches have just fallen off my body!!! How can I express this right....15 INCHES!!!! I am soo happy! I know "some" folks are interested in how I am doing on my Plexus challenge.