Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Week

Where is she? The girl don't write or visit anymore. Your thoughts, perhaps?
Yeah mine too. LOL!

I have been here hiding in the shadows. I've been in a funk. Ever since my back went nuts and decided to make me walk hunchback, I've had good days and rotten days. Having a good day seems to cause a rotten one and so one and so on. Round after round we go, I sure wish this merry-go-round would let me off. Not just the physical aspect of it, but the emotional one too. I don't feel depressed or have any reason to be, but yet I sit here day after day not wanting to do anything or wanting to do everything. My happy medium has gone haywire.
Well enough about that crap. Lets move on to the two good days I did have this week.

The pictures that I sent off to be blown up and walletted, arrived! Hubby walked through the door with them and we briefly played "Catch me if you can". He was soo excited and in turn got me all excited. We spent a blissful evening going through them and sorting and cutting.

The next day I went shopping for picture frames. Since I was out and my back was feeling okay, I went to the hardware store for gardening supplies. Big mistake, but I didn't feel it at the time. I came home and got all the pitures ready to get mailed off or hand delivered. I was so happy with the end result, I went about repotting some of my newer plants. They look great and are reponding well to the transfers, but I really over did it.

I had an appointment with my parents. It is rare that all things fall into place to get to see them. They live just over an hour away, to some that might not be far, but for my pocket book and truck it is. Vise-versa for my parents too. So I was pretty staoked at getting to see them and spend time with them. We did our trade offs (all the things we save for each other) and then went to see my sister on her break at the bus barn. She was super happy to see me, she screamed and come a running. All I saw was this bright yellow mass blurring it's way right into my chest! I just thought for sure she was going to bounce right into me and we would both go crashing to the floor! Thankfully I was having a fairly good balance day.

We (Mom and I)went back and got the old man, then we went shopping. We had a blast even though we mostly were browsing! Dad can be pretty funny at times. He was going around and picking up things that were the most rediculous, like a pair of super-duper high heels (ankle twisters) or a garden statue of singing frogs. He kept me and mom laughing (even when he didn't know it). We ate out, my first time eating outside the house in a super long time.

We then headed back to the house to do some computer work. I have tried all I know to get my mom on her computer to no avail. I hound her, I beg her and still she never gets online. Sometimes I think the only butts that have sat in front of her computer is us kids. Her excuse this time was the fact that her anti-virus had expired. So naturally I fixed that for her, so fingers crossed that mom will actually sit down and push the "on" button! LOL!

It was a long day but a really good one. The longest I have spent with my parents on a day that wasn't a holiday or birthday. Sad..I know.
I promise (hand held to chest) I will be around to everyone's blogs this weekend! I swear! All 62 of ya! Yikes, that's 20 hours! Wait for me, I'll get there!



Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Heather, don't push yourself. I am speaking from experience I over did a little yesterday and am just taking it easy. Glad you had fun with your parents.

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Heather, It sounds like you had a ball with your folks and I am proud to hear that.

A messed up back hurts more thasn people realize so just take care of yourself and while you are busy catching up on our blogs remember to get up once and a while and move around a bit.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Carol said... [Reply to comment]

Darn these parts that just don't work like they used to! Darn the tarnish on the "golden years" (although I don't know if you're really there yet). Sometimes all we can do is put our feet up and wait. And it will get better, just not as fast as we'd like sometimes. Chin up! And Hugs to you.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you had a great time with oyour folks!

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

be careful about your back. sugg go to the doctor or chiropracter. sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family. what a blessing. take care. rose

purplume said... [Reply to comment]

It' so nice to enjoy time with our parents. I'm glad you got to. I hope your back is doing well.