Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring Fever hit me today.

I was going through some of yalls posts and kept running across the word spring.

I hadn't planned on getting any new plants this year, cause of the super high temps we had last year. My Golden Forsythia doesn't appear to have weathered well and my Mexican Heather is sprouting very little so far. The only plant that is thriving is the mums I bought last November and the no name (clover shaped leaves with little pink flowers that grow on their own stems and eventually get long enough to lay over the top of the leaves) plant that I have had for years.

I had to go to the grocery store and on my way I stopped at the hardware store, big mistake! I was there only to get paint for the shed. I ended up browsing around in the gardening section and before I knew it I had picked up some dill, pansies, lantana and more..

Now these poor plants were probably screaming not to be bought by me. I'm sure they can spot a black thumb a mile away. I am getting better at trying to get Texas hardy plants and plants that once established in the ground can survive on their own, instead of just getting what looks pretty. I do try to be a good gardener, but my knowledge is very little, I read the instructions on the little plastic things and do my best. Trial and error. I do feel for the plants that have come across my path in the past (there were plenty) and suffered my neglect. I really shouldn't be allowed in any gardening sections of any stores, but I do keep trying.

So..I will be spending all of Saturday and Sunday outside planting, painting and mowing.


Kaylen said... [Reply to comment]

Fun!! I was just thinking about going to the nursery up the road from my house to see what they have. I somehow killed off the gardenias in my front yard garden area and need something that can survive my genetic nature to kill every plant that crosses my path.

Take pictures!! Let's share our garden. :)

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

It is way to cold for these old bones to be planting anything yet but I will. Mums are so hardy but I must say it is hotter than billy hell in Texas from when we visited my son and his family. They take Nebraska heat and cold really well. Thanks for your support on my day to day blog.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have a black thumb, too. I try again every year, and I never do any better than the year previous.

Eric said... [Reply to comment]

Planting!!! Good stuff. I have some Italian cypress seeds from Seed Shack I need to scarify today and get them going (the full sized plants are $$$ and I don't like spending on that).

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

I'm probably the worst gardener ever. I can grow peppers, tomatoes, and marigolds. That's about it, and I'm not sure how those survive. And yet, I keep trying. Poor plants...

have fun!

Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

Both my wife and I are inadvertent plant killers. When you figure out those critters that can take care of themselves in this Texas sun...let me know.

Now the pretty ones start wilting as soon as they see me coming.

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

I love spring, flowers and planting. Not looking forward to the LOADS of work to do it. :-)