Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hubby's Good Carma


Whiskers was sick and I could hardly keep up with him. Every time he was ready to spew I had to jump up and move him off of the rugs. Still trying to figure out why he insists on doing it on the rug!

I rode my bike for about ten minutes! My goodness my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I got off my bike and proceeded to walk, wouldn't ya know it, they felt like jelly!

Now on to the story:

Hubby came home and went to telling me about his day. He was getting ready to leave work in his personal truck and another driver in a tandem truck was in front of him.

(I'm thinking...No biggy this happens everyday)

Well all of a sudden this tandem loses one of his axles, the axle (two wheels and brake drum) is headed right for him! He kicks his truck in reverse and out runs it. He then tries over and over again to get this guy on the cb, Hey driver, did ya lose something? No answer.
He then picks up the tires (which I find hard to believe, I mean seriously we are talking about a man that has trouble breathing (just getting up out of his chair)and has a hernia on the top of his tummy, just taking the trash to the dumpster is strenuous activity) and throws them in the back of his truck.

By this point in his story I went from OMGoodness to hysterical laughter! Just the mental image of him doing all of this was too much And he is a great story teller with all the hand gestures, body movements and humor.

He takes the tires to the shop (I'm still laughing, I can just imagine those guys faces when he pushed those tires in there. Like...where in the world did you get those?!) and jokingly tries to get them to give him a hundred dollars for them, after no takers, he says I'll let ya keep them for no charge.
He says those tires and brake drums could be worth 600, so a hundred would be a steal. (I'm did steal them!)

Okay so here is the good carma part...

He left his company radio on the back of his pickup after calling that guy in the tandem and putting the tires in his truck. If he had lost it, it would have costed him exactly one hundred dollars.

He states that if he was to have really sold those tires, he would have surely lost his radio.

In the end they both got their property back and alls well that ends well!

I sure got a big roaring laugh out of it though!

I know at times his mind can get a little carried away, but in the end he always manages to do the right thing.

His response to this is...I would have been a mad blankitty, blank, blank..if someone had sold my tires as soon as they fell off!! LOL!!


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

What a cool story. Your description just cracks me up.

Dorothy said... [Reply to comment]

That was quite a story and you did a great job with creating quite a picture...what a day...

Happy Saturday...

Dorothy from grammology

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

There's one thing having your tyres fall off... another thing entirely them disappearing immediately... I would have loved to have seen the other guys face :0)

Mrsbear said... [Reply to comment]

AW, way to do the right thing. He's right though, if he hadn't that radio would've surely disappeared.

Sounds like your hubby would make a great stunt driver, throwing it in to reverse then outrunning the tires. Wow.

I'm more the deer in headlights driver myself.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy...Thanks, I tried to capture the feel he gave me.

Dorothy...Thanks! It was a challenge to remember all that was said.

Eternally Distracted...LOL! Me too!!

Mrsbear...LOL! Hubby really liked that!