Sunday, January 1, 2012

Old Year yields new hopes for the New year

Last year at this time I was making a blanket for my brother and his girl. Yes I was still in the baby steps of making JUST blankets. I was just venturing out into the www and finding out that I could get patterns online! I was amazed but still too chicken to try anything out of my comfy blanket zone. Shortly after making the said blanket, his girl passed away suddenly. The family was devastated, needless to say. Sad to say but Yes life does go on and makes ya think and appreciate.

I tell you this cause I am convinced it was this time of refection after her death that made me stop and rethink what I had been doing with my daily life. I spent my days glued to my computer, doing my blog, reading blogs and feeling tons of pressure to keep up with it all. Not to mention the neglect my hubs was feeling over us being in two separate rooms all the time, him watching tv and me wrapped up in other peoples lives. I tried my hand at photography and really liked it but getting the opportunity to go places and explore with my camera wasn't feasible with our income.

So then came along crochet! I have known how to crochet since I was a teen but never really tried anything other than blankets and scarves. Squares and rectangles! LOL! I suddenly had mustered up the courage to try designs in my blankets which required learning to read patterns and new stitches. Learning how to read patterns opened my world up to all kinds of new possibilities. I look back at the pics of all the things I have done this year, I marvel at how far I have come and how much I have learned. To think that last year at this time I was still stuck behind a blanket and now I am doing hats, clothes and even toys! Oh what a difference a year makes and there is still soo much more I want to try!

This last year also brought us a new grand-daughter and we was lucky enough to go and see her and the family. Yes I know I have already told you that but I still squeal under my breathe when I think of the grandkids, I can't help it!

I do believe my last post was about the layoffs at hubby's work...well he escaped the first round of layoffs but not the closing of the company. He was out of work for three weeks but it has been 6 weeks without a paycheck. Times have been hard for the last few months but I have high hopes next year will be better. Hubby has a job (which is a blessing) and now that I have been doing soo much better with my crocheting I am also making a little bit of money to help out.

For the New Year I hope...
to further my knowledge in crochet
to teach my niece how to crochet
hubby has good luck with this new company
hubby's health doesn't worsen
Save a little money! (I can hope!)
And maybe if I am really lucky I can kick this habit of smoking. (wishful thinking!)

I hope you all get all your hopes fulfilled and have a wonderful New Year!



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

What a difference a year makes! Isn't it great to see growth? Much luck with your hopes for this year.

Paula said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year!

Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

The best to you Heather. I figure 2012 is gonna' rock for you and yours.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

The things you've been doing with your crochet needles are astounding! I love the pics you put up on Facebook. I know where I'm going to do some shopping this year! (I can't crochet to save my life).

I hope you have a blessed 2012 and that this year is really great for you.

Oh, and if you combined those last two hopes- quitting smoking would save you money!