Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing... Southern Gal's Crochet!

So I have been debating this for some time now and have finally went through with it. As most of you lately if and when I do blog, I blog about my crocheting. I'm sure some of you have been seriously tired of this convo and wish I would get back to the regular topics of animal antics and the hubs humor or maybe even my ponderings.

So in light of my realization, I have created a new blog just for all my crochet talk and creations.

If you happen to enjoy all my crochet talk, then please feel free to come on over and join me. I will be posting about what I am making, where I got the pattern, what issues I might have had and also will be introducing fellow crocheters, their lovely work and links to free patterns I find across the web that interest me.

This will not only be for the benefit of you my readers and other crocheters but will also allow me to have all my saved patterns all in one place..LOVE that!!