Thursday, January 12, 2012


Soo, I've noticed something today (I pretty much do everyday, but this one stuck out..haha).
Well since we are soo close to broke due to hubby's layoff and two week delay in getting that first paycheck, I have been only buying the bare minimum of groceries, like only what we absolutely need to go with what we already have. I never really noticed how much was spent on...maybe I will make this this week or I'm sure the hubby would like this. Most of the time these impulse buys end up stacking up in the freezer or in the pantry.
I never was a big junk food buyer, most of my groceries is your basic meals but planned (in my head)weeks in advance. BUT I would do this every week whether I needed to or not I always picked up more meals. In a way this worked out for us cause we had plenty to eat on for like the first week or so(of no paycheck) without really having to buy anything else but hubby's lunch supplies and milk. Since only getting what I need, my grocery bill has decreased by at least $20-30 a week already!
I'm thinking maybe I will try to keep this tend going and see how long before I really have to break down and buy a large load of groceries. I'm thinking that we could possibly go another month before that happens.

In other news...the hubby has informed me that he is thinking of changing jobs to a company that has more trucks, newer equipment and pays by the hour rather than paying by the load. I told him that if he is going to do it he had better do it now while I am still in poverty limbo rather than later when I get a routine going and we won't be able to go 2 weeks without pay.

Now for some lighter news...I decided to clean my office. Every box and every piece of paper is going to be gone through and assessed, thrown, kept or shredded. I'm an idiot!!!



Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

The cost of groceries is appalling. We are working hard at figuring out exactly what we need and what is frivolous. And it seems we buy too much non-groceries.

It sounds like you are the wise one.