Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stomped by an Elephant

This 8 inch tall, 4 lb elephant candle holder was in a group of 5 other trinkets. I was in the process of moving these trinkets from their over crowded spots to a new location as soon as I found one. So they were sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me to figure out where to put them all, I needed the table so I again moved them to the counter top. Basically I have been shuffling them around searching for somewhere to permanently tuck them away AND out of the way. This still hasn't happened.

Yesterday evening while fixing supper (okay fine..It was corn dogs..don't judge!) I went to turn with the box of corn dogs to put back in the freezer and WHAM! I had knocked over this elephant and OF COURSE it just had to land right at the base of my big toe, right on my bunion!

I screamed, hollered, winced, cussed and repeated this process repeatedly in just a under a minute. I'm sure there were a few OMG's in there too! Hubby yells...Are you okay? I couldn't answer him, breath was being used for other things. Since I didn't answer he got up and came in the kitchen...Are you okay? What happened? I turn my head and point to the assailant laying on the floor.

He picks it up and says............ The Elephant stomped on your foot?! I couldn't help but let out a little laugh and say...Yeah and he shocked the piss out of me! Literally! (TMI? sorry) Hubby walked away laughing, yup he sure did! Left me there in the kitchen with my foot up in the air and my body hunched over the back of a kitchen chair, still wincing and well you know using my breath for other words.

Last night I soaked it, nursed it, baby'd it and still it swelled up to a nice youthful plump, too bad it was painful, I might have liked the new look. LOL! I was scared to go to bed and chance the dogs laying on it, bumping it or even me hurting it further with all the moving I do in my sleep. But I did anyway.

Now... most of the swelling is gone and I now have this lovely shade of purple going on and no it is not just veins!