Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unemployment?? Boy that was a close one...

Today was a super scary day for about 30 minutes. Hubby called to tell me that "Two Speed" (a coworker) just found out that he was laid off and there is rumored to be 15 expected layoffs. Two Speed went into the office to turn in his paperwork and WHAM he was asked into the big office and handed his severance package and told to clean out his truck, with best wishes and a list of hiring companies. There was no warning that this was going to happen, just a simple hello, goodbye kinda day.

I told hubby to let me know how it went for him.


The fear crept in instantly and I was close to tears. If it hadn't been for checking the mail and finding my current package of yarn there, I'm sure I would have broke down in sheer panic. I was already trying to figure out what things will would have to cut and where I could find a job.

The phone rang...Hubby took in a deep breathe (my mind went numb in fear), finally he uttered the words...I still have a job!
OH, THANK GOODNESS!!!! That was all I could say.

Later when the hubs got home he told me who all he knows got cut and why he didn't.

First.. he lost a good portion of his buddies that he runs with and chats with all day. He is very sad over this loss.

Second...he stopped one of the main girls in the office and asked her what the criteria was for keeping his job. She said for him it was mostly because he is in the top 10 of drivers who make the most loads and don't have alot of expense coming out for repairs. Basically saying he does his job efficiently and doesn't tear up is truck doing it. Plus combine that with is safety record (nobody calling in on him for unsafe driving or accidents)and always passing a DOT (Department of Transportation) inspection. Also unknown to the drivers but they have been spying on them all just looking for anything to pin on them... Speeding in the pits, failure to wear safety equipment, taking extra long lunches...just anything really.

All the while he was talking, I was thinking of the story of the Rabbit and the Turtle. Steady and careful vs fast and damaging.

It's just good to know that my hubby is a great truck driver and they value him as an employee...for now.



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

These are really scary times. I hope he stays safely employed for years and years!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so glad he kept his job. We just went through a similar scare and didn't know for almost a week! It was the longest week ever... My nerves were shot so I know how you feel. Let's pray both our men keep their jobs in this time of economic upheaval!

kendrasue said... [Reply to comment]

I'm glad he didn't lose his job. In these times I know it's always a possibility and not much out there to replace it with. Yay for him for doing his job correctly!

Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

Steady, careful and dependable will always win out. Congratulations to you guys.

covnitkepr1 said... [Reply to comment]

Glad for the both of you.
I follow your other blog and read thisd one from there.