Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recap of the last few months has been a super long time since I have written anything. I knew I had been neglecting my blog but hadn't realized just how long it had been..4 months!! Well to be honest not much has been going on around here, except a whole lot of crocheting and some super hot days. Lets see if I can break it down and remember some things. I'm gonna cheat an use my Facebook status's for a guide.

June and July...basically those were the dog days of summer. So friggin hot it was torture just to walk to the mailbox. We didn't do much of anything outside. The scorched weeds did need mowing but the fear of fire was too great to risk it.
I had the ac's cranked and still it was hot, but I still managed to get some crochet projects done.
I did go to the zoo with my sister and her little family, that was lot of fun, but it was super hot!!
I also went to a family gathering for a late Father's day and early b-day celebration for dad.
Daughter Jennifer came out to spend the day with her dad on father's day, that was fun getting to spend time with the grandkids.
We also had a new addition to our family, granddaughter Pearl.
Hubby was home for a whole week while his truck was being worked on, that was a scary week not knowing just how long he was going to be out of work.
One more thing...I began to teach myself to knit! I have gone 40+ years without ever trying, it was time to muster up the courage and get it over with.

August...Going on our 3rd month of 100+ temps and all energy has been zapped out of human and animal alike.
I started the month out in pain from a pinched nerve in my lower back that hurt all the way down to my toes.
I did have a good visit with my brother and his little family, it is always a treat when they visit.
We did go on vacation to visit with friends and family up in the Dallas area. It was only a three day trip but it was wonderful getting to see and spend time with everybody. We saw alot of old friends that we hadn't seen in a super long time, also we got to meet our newest granddaughter and spend time with the grandkids, so that was pretty exciting.
Another good thing was that the trip didn't cost nearly as much as we had predicted.
The only bad thing that happened was I kinked my neck on the trip home and had a stiff and sore neck for a week afterwards. Well worth the pain, I'd say!
I also started a blanket for the hubby...Harley Davidson blanket! I was all excited cause it was the first time I had worked on a blanket that had multiple strands going all at the same time.

Sept...Sat around hoping for rain and watched the ground shrivel up and die.
Hubby did mowed the dirt, that was pretty funny. He had a huge dust cloud rolling behind him, reminded me of the character from Charlie Brown. LOL! It's still funny just remembering the image.
We did manage to get a few sprinkles now and then in the beginning of the month but nothing that could be measured.
I made a trip up to see the folks and work on their computer, I even got dad set up for Facebook. That lasted for about a week!
Got to go visit with my bf for a day, I do miss being able to see her whenever I feel like it.
My mom had 4 deaths on her side of the family and had to go to Maine, us kids had to do what we could to watch over the old man. We can only do soo much with someone so stubborn! LOL!
I got a lot of crochet projects done in the month of September, finished up some that had been in my closet for years.
Made another trip to parents house to AGAIN mess with their computer.
Got a few decent showers in the latter portion of the month.

October...Finished the blanket for the hubs, he has been using it ever since. He loves it!
Made a trip to brothers house to clean up for the arrival of his new girlfriend from Australia in 2 weeks. I have talked with her and already like her very much.
One of my kitties has been missing for the last week, pretty sure she met with fowl play.
Hubby has been home since mid-day Thursday..AGAIN having work done on his truck, not sure if he will be back to work Monday or not.

Well that is about it, it is actually more than I thought it would be!



Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome back, Heather. Yep -- my lawn, usually so green, is ash white and dead. We are still looking for a hint of rain after all these months.

But you have been productive, with all the knitting. So the question will always blog or to knit. I hope blogging slips in there somewhere.

Angelia Sims Hardy said... [Reply to comment]

This summer was brutal. So glad it's behind us. I saw a lot of rain driving home from Oklahoma yesterday. It was wonderful! Glad you are doing well. :-)

rockygrace said... [Reply to comment]

Holy cow - you're back! It's about time! :)

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

I do read your Facebook statuses so I knew some of what was going on and got to see all of your lovely crocheting projects! You are so talented!

Glad to see a blog post too though!