Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Strangers Walking...

I am convinced that too much information of the evils in this world has made me too extra cautious and uncaring. There was a time in my life when I didn't know or care of the evils that floats around us everyday. When I walked the streets at midnight without a care in the world, no fear. No fear of strangers hurting me or of having evil intentions.

Today I did something that is totally out of character for the adult version of myself, more like the carefree girl I used to be.

I was coming back from the bank which is 11 miles from my house. I was about 4 miles into my journey home when I saw 2 men and a teen (maybe 12) boy walking towards where I came from. One of the men starting waving his arms. For some unknown reason I turned around! I didn't think of the fear of the evils until I had just pulled up in front of them. Too late now dummy! The man asked if there was a store up this way, I said yes but it is still a good distance away, hop in. Did I just say hop in? Seriously Heather??!!

In my defense...it's super duper HOT out there!!! If it was me on the side of the road, I sure as heck would want someone to stop! In today's world there is slim chance anyone would stop.

Turns out the men are traveling field workers (most likely undocumented) and travel from city to city following the work. This week they are working 8 hours a day for $50, in the hot hot sun and only ONE 30 minute break! They chose to use this break to try to find a store to get something cold to drink. They only had 13 minutes left of there break and where still miles from the closest store. (oh, btw they spoke English like they had been doing it all their lives, which surprised me) Next week they are headed down south to work in the watermelon patches for a grand a week.

They were very polite and grateful.

I am ashamed to say...I can't remember the last time I picked someone up on the side of the road. That I have allowed myself to be consumed with the negativity of the world as filled with evil intent at any moment.

I so want to be that carefree, no fear, girl I used to be. Glad I got to trow away my fear for a brief moment and help someone out.