Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 Random things about me and the hubs...

What could I possibly tell you about me and the hubs that most don't already know?!
I will give it a try.

I crochet... alot! I currently have 7 projects going at once. My office is covered in piles of yarn, projects and patterns... to the point of "Don't touch it or it will cause an avalanche!"  And here yall thought I was sooo organized! LOL!

He has fallen hard for this new kitten in our lives. He checks to see where she is, how shes doing, even wants to be updated on her litter box success's. I get what he is going through, she's got me wrapped around her sharp little claws too. After all we have gone through trying to keep the kittens alive and only having one survive, we are both constantly monitoring her progress. But I find it funny to watch this gruff and tough man get mushy with the fur babies.

Between work (crochet), raising kittens for the last 6 weeks (3 hour feedings, litter training..ect) and fighting to get ANY moment of sleep that I could, my house and yard have sorely suffered! Seriously, I feel like different folks live here, like a lazy alien has taken over my body. The weeds in the dog pen are taller than the dogs... where is Taco? See those weeds moving, that might be him. LOL!

I asked hubby if he put the little tiny check (rained out week) in the bank.
Hubby... No, it's in my wallet. I decided to donate to the cause.
Me... what cause?
Hubby... the "cause" my wallet was broke.

I have gained 10 pounds in a year! I have been anywhere between 210 to 216 most of the last10 years. I stepped on the scales a few weeks ago and wham, a whopping 225! Crocheting is fun, creating is fun, getting paid for it is even funner but gaining weight while doing it is not in my definition of fun! Lets blame it on the ice cream! LOL!

The Salmon vs Samon.
I have always pronounce it with the L, hubby does it with a silent L. Whatever! Potato, po tah to. Tomato, to mah to.  He KNOWS what I am saying, been saying it that way all my life. Suddenly now he decides that it is something to mess with me about. Vigorously and with rolling out of his chair laughter! The dude is gonna get hurt if not by me then by falling from the laughter! One way or another, it's gonna happen!  



Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I like your blog but I see you on Facebook to, Your blog is more detailed and I love it. always crocheting.